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WWF Before They Were WWF Superstars 2002

Комментарий: Профессиональный (двухголосый), cубтитры: отсутствуют

Язык комментариев: Английский

Формат: DVDRip, MP4, H.264, AAC

Страна: США

Вид спорта: Рестлинг

Продолжительность: 02:14:37

Год выпуска: 2002

Описание: The WWE is all about spectacle and illusion, so the idea of putting out a real look at the lives of its superstars sounds, on paper, like a cheesy bore. Surprisingly, Before They Were WWE Superstars is hardly boring; in fact, it's the best non-pay-per-view DVD the organization has ever released. The documentary details the rise of 12 midlevel names (Kurt Angle is the only huge figure profiled) and the strange, often brutal roads they took to make it as pro wrestlers. Besides Angle, William Regal, Edge and Christian, Lita, Spike Dudley, Mighty Molly, the Hardy Boyz, Bradshaw, Stacy Keibler, and Billy Gunn tell their stories (often punctuated by comments from their parents or siblings), and all are fascinating vignettes. Say what you want about pro wrestling, but the drive and determination displayed by these people is not only impressive, but uplifting.

Видео: 576x432 (4:3), 29.970 fps, 1296 kbps

Аудио: 48 khz, 2 ch, 192 kbps

Автор релиза: RUDOS

These are the following WWF superstars featured in this video:

1. Kurt Angle: Kurt and family talk about childhood , cool videos
and sad stories, cool info on his olympic training and backrounds. Chapter rating 10/10

2. "Mighty" Molly: talks bout ecw and her first match in front of like 6 people. cool stories. you see hogan and macho man in this chapter. 9/10

3. Bradshaw: talks bout football and u see him imitating hogan as a teenager. 6.5/10
4. Spike Dudley: one of the greatest chapters and hes always been an underdog. 9/10

5. Stacy Keibler: talks about her childhood, to teen to baltimore ravens cheerleader , wcw nitro girl by winning the contest then to the WWE. 9.5/10
6. Billy Gunn: talks about rodeo and smoking gunns. 6/10

7. Steven William Regal: cool journey as he takes u around his town where he wrestled fans and incidents with bar fights and druken midgets. we see footage of him doing this as well,

8. Matt and Jeff, the Hardy Boyz: best chapter here. cinderella story as their mom died at a young age, their dad putting them down constantly, footage from the indies and early wwe days. 10+/10
9. Lita: talks about childhood life,shows mexican masks, ecw days, omega promotion days with the hardy boyz. 10/10
10. Edge and Christian: best chapter tied with hardy boyz, so much stories i wont say anything . 10+/10
DVD extras:

1. Jackie (champ) vs. Starla Sexton (Molly): Sunday Night Heat, 10/11/98. great match from these two.
2. Gillberg (champ) vs. Essa Rios (w/Lita): Sunday Night Heat, 2/13/00 for the WWF LHW title. Litas debut.
3. Justin Hawk Bradshaw (w/ Uncle Zeb) vs. Undertaker: WWF Raw, 4/1/96. alright match, pretty good debut.
4. RVD vs. Jeff Hardy: WWF Raw, 5/12/97. Lawler promo. then RVD squashes the Bon Jovi wannabe as Lawler says here.
5. "Angle Family Christmas." WWF Raw, 12/22/00. Promos with Steph,Y2j,Kurt, his brothers and Edge and Christian.
6. Angle, Edge and Christian vs. Y2J and the Dudleyz: pretty good match but Eric angle tastes wood.
7. 1-2-3 Kid and Bob Holly (champs) vs. The Smoking Gunns: what a damn long match! 15 minutes! ending bit shocking as they... anyways just view to see.
8. "Mr. Manners." WWF Raw, 9/18/00. William Regal's TV re-debut where he tries to teach the crowd manners. Y2j does a magic ttrick!

9. "Hamlet." WWF Raw, 9/25/00. he reads hamlet and stone cold hates books as regal gets his [...] kicked!

10. "No Holds Beared." Bradshaw interview, pretty interesting as he talks bout fighting a bear once.

11. "Ice Rules." Edge and Christian extended interview where they talk about them driving on frozen lakes to get to indie shows and how they almost died with Rhino.
12. "Spike's Hardcore." Extended Spike Dudley interview as he put his bro through a window becz he wanted to watch wrestling.

13. "I Told You So." Extended Christian interview great underdog story as he gets he dream instead of being a suit wearing cubicle working scmuck.

14. "50 Cents." Extended interview with Angle's mom.

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